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Project CONNECT is a web site where adults enrolled in adult education classes can practice their English skills and learn about working, studying and living in the United States-all online using a computer with reading, writing, audio, video, Internet and email activities. Learn done new, pay for your essay, browse more web sources - do your best to boost your knowledge. Teachers can set up online class groups, send and receive email with their classes and review student work.

Project CONNECT's flexible design facilitates use in a language lab, a classroom, for distance learning or at home.

Project CONNECT is password-protected. Everyone will need to register using an access code to use this site. Teachers will also need an additional code to be grouped with their learners. Access and teacher's codes are available with the purchase of a license from KET.

To view a sample lesson without having to register, go back one page and click on the "try an activity" stamp.

You can also see and listen to a tour without registering by clicking on the "take a tour" stamp.

get a free preview of project connectLicenses and Pricing

Project CONNECT is designed for use by schools and other educational programs. Although it is intended to be free for the users (teachers and students), use of the site requires purchase of a license from KET. Project CONNECT license and pricing information is now available.

Learning Units

Project CONNECT's orientation unit gives an introduction to using computers and the Internet as well as to Project CONNECT itself.

Then, Project CONNECT's eight learning units are organized by these themes:

  • Learning in the USA - These units help adult learners become familiar with the American educational system, make plans for education and training, and build academic language skills.

  • Working in the USA - These units help learners gain skills to identify careers and find work in the USA, improve workplace communication, and learn about the culture of the American workplace.

  • Living in the USA - Learners will explore the meaning of citizenship and ways to become more involved with their communities.

Learners can work through Project CONNECT's units in any order.

"Listen Now" Feature

Project CONNECT units include listening activities designed by ESL educators to provide structured practice. Other parts of the site will also include audio features.

Online Community

Project CONNECT users can participate in discussion groups and send and receive Project CONNECT email.

Key Words

Project CONNECT users will be able to read and listen to the definitions of key words in each unit. The pronunciations of words will also be given.

My Work

This is where Project CONNECT learners can save the work they do on the site.

Especially for Teachers

Most users will benefit most from a teacher's involvement and feedback while they are using Project CONNECT. If you are a teacher, please visit this area to download a teacher's guide, look at lesson plans and learn how Project Connect is being used in educational settings. Especially for Teachers

Project CONNECT Partners:

Project Connect was developed by these partners:

The National Center for Adult Literacy (NCAL) at the University of Pennsylvania
Jefferson County Public Schools Adult and Continuing Education, Louisville, Kentucky
KET/The Kentucky Network, Lexington, Kentucky

Visit the CONNECT acknowledgements page to learn about other participants in this site.

Project CONNECT's external evaluator was SRI International of Menlo Park, CA. Read a summary of the summative evaluation completed in 2004. html | pdf


This project was originally funded by a grant from the Learning Anytime Anywhere Partnerships (LAAP), a program administered by the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), U.S. Department of Education.

Technical Specifications

Here are the suggested and minimum system specifications for using Project CONNECT in a classroom, home or computer lab.

Contact Us:

To contact us for more information about Project CONNECT, please contact PBS by email: Project CONNECT info.

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