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Project CONNECT Learning Goals

  • Orientation
    Recognize parts of the computer.
    Identify unique features of the site (Units, Key Words, My Work, Online Discussion and Email).
    Learn to use Project CONNECT navigation tools.
    Become familiar with the Internet and online links.
    Identify own English language learning needs.

Learning in the USA

  • American Education System
    Recognize the structure of the American education system.
    Describe the difference between private and public school.
    Identify ways to get training for a job or career.
    Recognize some national English tests that are required for getting into college or vocational school.
    Learn about paying for education.
  • Career Planning
    Identify information needed in making an informed decision on a career.
    Identify how to get information about a job or career.
    Find career information from the Internet.
    Recognize the questions needed to get information about a job or career.
    Prepare a plan for a specific career.
    Determine how to write a career plan.
  • Academic Language Skills
    Recognize differences between academic language and other types of spoken and written language.
    Identify the main idea in a piece of academic writing.
    Identify supporting details in a piece of academic writing.
    Recognize differences between a conversation and a lecture.
    Identify the main idea in a lecture.
    Identify the supporting details in a lecture.

Working in the USA

  • Finding a Job
    Identify ways to find employment.
    Learn how to fill out a job application
    Learn how to write a résumé.
    Know appropriate ways to prepare successfully for a job interview.
  • Communication at Work
    Identify appropriate ways for communicating at work.
    Develop effective listening strategies for the workplace.
    Identify strategies for resolving conflict at work.
    Learn strategies for negotiating with supervisor or manager.
  • The American Workplace
    Identify ways in which trends can affect various aspects of finding and keeping a job.
    Compare and contrast job information from different countries.
    Identify causes of stress in the workplace.
    Recognize ways to reduce stress.
    Recognize appropriate dress codes in different jobs.

Living in the USA

  • Civics and Citizenship
    Recognize rights and responsibilities of being a member of a community.
    Learn appropriate ways to have a voice in community concerns.
    Identify elected officials at the federal, state, and local level.
    Recognize a civil rights leader in the United States and in another country.
  • Community Resources
    Learn about some of the services offered by the public library.
    Discover how to find information and help in the library.
    Identify what is needed to apply for a library card.
    Understand the meaning of community resource.
    Identify community resources in the local community.

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